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Engaging in keen observation, attentively listening to stories, delving into the depths, gaining a broader perspective, generating ideas through brainstorming, fearlessly exploring possibilities, meticulously uncovering the intricate details, fostering collaboration, fostering inclusive and supportive environments, empathizing deeply, generating and refining ideas, fearlessly experimenting, actively creating, embracing the spirit of trial and error, honing in on the most promising paths, resourcefully finding solutions, adapting with flexibility, persevering with determination, finding inspiration, immersing fully in the process, whole heartedly loving what you do, infusing energy into every endeavour, executing tasks with efficiency, joyfully celebrating achievements, and repeating the cycle with renewed vigour.


"In the world of design, I am a storyteller, using pixels and code to narrate immersive tales that captivate the senses and inspire the imagination." - Balmukund

I am a curator of experiences, curving the path between humans and interfaces, blending elegance with functionality, and inviting users on a transformative journey. In a world of pixels, I believe in the power of people, where connections, empathy, and human experiences transcend the digital realm. I make films on Sundays its not a escape from empathy but pixels not virtual but photographic.

My Statment

“In the 21st century, the most valuable asset is not land, or factories, or even technology, it's knowledge." - Yuval Noah Harrari

My fascination with computers and thirst for knowledge led me to delve into the inner workings of computers, including its hardware and software components since my childhood. I often enjoyed repairing people’s computers and experimenting with software's such as Photoshop and other design tools.

During my graduation years at NIFT Mumbai, I got the opportunity to learn about design thinking, digital to physical design, materials, forms and functions, 3D printing techniques and various manufacturing processes which strengthened my technical core towards practical design. During my mid semesters of college, researching, sketching and rendering various exploded views of complex machines such as an interior of a projector, speakers and of Mac machines acted as a stepping stone towards my love for Human-computer interaction. My emotional aspect towards design grew when I started writing various science fiction short films during lockdown. I also started reading various science-fiction writers and philosophers such as Chixin Liu, HG Wells and Yuval Noah Harrari’s which got me a deeper understanding towards the psychology of computers and design. My internship period at Techblaze and Essar International as an Industrial designer and UX Designer strengthened my design principles and gained practical knowledge of ground level work in the industry.

My career goal is to be an expert in micro interactions between humans, products and interfaces that not only meet the needs of users but also enhance their lives through intuitive and engaging experiences. I see myself exploring various interfaces of possible future devices and making the use of complex devices easier so it can reach a larger audience.

In order to explore further about storytelling in design and design psychology, I joined Yash Raj Films as a science-fiction script researcher. While diving deeper into the world of potential futuristic gadgets and machines, and creating immersive content for the mass audience I started to empathize more towards user experience design and micro interactions between computers and humans. Furthermore, I wrote and directed a Science fiction film ‘Couple Digits’ along with a few filmmaker friends which was based on the psychological relationship of humans and AI, which acted as a turning point in my career. While researching, writing and making workable prototypes of futuristic gadgets I got to know about in-depth knowledge of digital neural networks, versatile interfaces, possibilities of AI, similarities between brains and digital neural networks and potential scope of Human-computer Interactions. I started shaping my skills through online courses such as Coursera in UX design and design applications for Extended Realities and Metaverse.

Balmukund Sharma Signature

"Balmukund's brilliance and compassion shine through. His supportive nature fosters collaboration and brings out the best in everyone."

Shreepati Bhatt

CC. NIFT Mumbai

"Balmukund's growth and passion serve as an inspiration. His adaptability and unwavering commitment make him a valuable asset."

Shahil Gangra

Senior Graphics Manager GS Design

"Balmukund's social responsibility is commendable. His drive for inclusive and accessible solutions brings about positive change."

Riya Sharma

Senior Programmer Sacred Fly

"Balmukund's clarity and precision in communication are impressive. His presentations captivate and inspire."

Arif Shaikh

VFX. Supervisor, YRF.

"Balmukund's leadership and collaborative skills are exceptional. His inclusive approach motivates and unites teams, yielding outstanding results."

Yogi Singhal


"Balmukund's expertise in HCI is unrivaled. His dedication and problem-solving skills were instrumental to our success."

Avinav Khandwa

Founder GS Design

"Balmukund's innovative ideas and strong work ethic leave a lasting impression. His positive attitude and effective communication skills make him an invaluable asset."

Kumar Sudeepta

Ast. Prof. NIFT Mumbai

"Balmukund's passion, knowledge, and attention to detail make him stand out. His contributions were invaluable to our team."

Vinodh Pandoly

Project Manager SF.

"Balmukund's dedication and technical skills set him apart. His critical thinking and meticulous attention to detail make him an exceptional candidate."

Kaushal Agrawal

Senior Manager Amazon CA., USA

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I make stories, when I am not working.

Couple Digits Film Directed by Balmukund Sharma
Life Insurance Film Directed by Balmukund Sharma
Jhapki Film Directed by Balmukund Sharma
Film Directed by Balmukund Sharma
Khatmal Directed by Balmukund Sharma
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